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The effect of the intimate oil NU FLAME

  • gently prepares to intimacy in case of low or delayed arosal;
  • warmth and arouse a woman, waken the mutual attraction of partners;
  • promotes fast moistening of the vagina;
  • incite and energize the blood circulation in small pelvis, which, using regularly, provides the health-improving effect;
  • approach and strengthens an orgasm and makes it longer and brighter;
  • if regularly used, rises the libido and sensitivity of the genitals, gives the new level of the delight.
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N-VI complex is a unique "formula of pleasure!" The blend of essential oils of melaleuca leucadendron cajaput and hedychium spicatum on the basis of almond oil, in a proper concentration gives the effect of the natural exciting vibration.


N-Vi complex is a unique combination of plant extracts and essential oils, providing triple action. One drop of extract, applied to the mucosa of clitoris, gives a pleasant warming, and you feel fine exciting vibration. The formula we've developed initiates the excitement signals for all the nerve receptors and causes a state of desire.

Another secret of the extraordinary effectiveness of Nu flame is that the essential oils of melaleuca leucadendron cajaput and hedychium spicatum, used in the composition, being a natural aphrodisiacs, has a direct effect on increasing a libido and improving woman's hormonal balance.

Essential oils, used in the composition of Nu flame, are natural preservatives, so bacteria and viruses does not propagate in it. This is what guarantees the quality of the product throughout the entire period of use.

In the 21st century, sexuality is no longer taboo. Today it is one of the foundations of a happy life.

We've created the NU Flame extract, to help women accept and reveal their sexuality, regardless of which bithday they've celebrated and how long are married. Every woman deserves and can receive pleasure from sex, from the first touch of your beloved to a bright finale!

Sexuality is a powerful energy that lives in our body, but we sometimes do not allow it to escape. Blocking it because of fears and complexes, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to experience the joy of intimacy...

After reviewing all the needs of the female body, we've created a natural extract NU Flame, which helps to improve the quality of sex life and strengthen the fillings during orgasm.

Welcome to the new level of sexuality.

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