The most frequently asked questions

#1 To whom NU Flame is purposed?

According to statistics 50% of women feels an orgasm rather often, 30% rarely and 17% never. It turns out that almost half of women have some problems with achieving orgasm , and even the second half does not always have it. In addition, very often the feeling of orgasm is quite weak, a few seconds of pleasurable feelings and that's all. No any explosion of sensations, feelings fireworks, sweet ecstasy... The reason is most often in an insufficient excitation. So NU Flame, as a means to increase excitability and sensuality, can really help those women who:

  • don't have orgasms at all, or very rarely;
  • have it, but very weak;
  • can only feel clitoral orgasms, no vaginal;
  • have lost an interest in sex by force of habit or age;
  • have unawakened sensuality because of youth;
  • can not relax, turn off the thought process during sex;
  • clamped, not confident.
But there is another category of women who's sex and orgasm are all right, but they love novelty and experimentation. NU Flame can give them the new shades of feelings.

#2 May men use the NU Flame?

The product was originally designed for women, but some men have tried it for yourself for experimental purposes. As a result, they experienced a pleasant warmth, strong release of lubricant and sharp increase in sexual arousal and erection. Their feelings become sharper and more sperm allocated. Men were very satisfied!

#3 What time NU Flame should be used?

The optimum time of application of NU Flame on the clitoris for every woman is different. There can be no general recommendations, it depends on the individual reactions. The options are:

  • 3-5 minutes before the planned intimacy for a better mood;
  • at the beginning of foreplay to accelerate excitation;
  • several times during intimacy as needed.
There were cases when the maximum effect women experienced when applying oil for 20-30 minutes before intimate contact. But for most women, the best was the application of drops NU Flame 5 minutes prior the intimacy.

#4 How many drops of NU Flame should be applied?

For most of women its enough 1-2 drops to achieve the desired stage of excitation, but if you've lucky to have particularly passionate night, then you may apply NU Flame several times, you may even empty the entire ampule.

#5 Where exactly NU Flame should be applied?

The glans of the clitoris is very sensitive. In the unexcited state it is not visible, because the top is covered with a protective skin fold (an analogue of the foreskin of the male penis). If the oil is applied on this skin, the effect of excitation for someone can be quite low. Another option is to pull gently the skin fold up, expose the clitoris and apply the drop directly on it. But there is suspicion that stimulation of the unexcited clitoris with essential oils may cause for some women rather discomfort than sexual arousal. Therefore, we recommend a third option. First, delicately pat the clitoris through the skin. It feels like a small pea. As soon as it begins to be excited, its size will increase and the glans appears outwardly . It is the right time to drip the NU Flame.

#6 How can I check whether I have an allergy to this product?

Since essential oils are drastic substances that can easily penetrate deep into the mucosal tissues, their use requires caution and adherence to certain rules. First of all, because the essential oils may be allergic to some people. So the first thing you need to do is make sure that you do not have allergies. To do this, cut the tip of the ampoule and apply one (!) drop of oil on the inner surface of the lower lip, right on the mucous membranes. Wait about 5-10 minutes. The normal response is a feeling of warmth, slight burning sensation, numbness easy pulsation and vibration in a few minutes after application. If there is no discomfort (redness, swelling, irritation, pain), it's all right, you don't have an allergy to the product.

#7 Are there any safety rules when using NU Flame?

First of all, make sure that you are not allergic (see FAQ #6) on essential oils. After that you should carefully apply again only one ( !) drop of oil on the area of the clitoris, right on its glans (it is in the place of seam of labia minora). If you have a normal sensitivity to essential oils, in 2-5 minutes you'll feel a spread of pleasant warmth, slight vibration and increasing of sexual arousal. After making sure that the product is suitable for you and does not cause discomfort, you can increase the amount of a single portion of oil drops to 2-3.

If, however, you'll feel uncomfortable burning, you should immediately wash it with warm water. It means that for you the concentration is too high, and you should lower it by diluting neutral oils, to choose the concentration optimal for you (see FAQ #8).

#8 When applying NU Flame I've felt a strong burning sensation. Is this product not suitable for me?

The concentration of essential oils is designed for women with average sensitivity. But some women may have an increased sensitivity to essential oils. When applied NU Flame to the clitoris they can feel sharp unpleasant burning sensation and pain. If this is no allergic reaction, it is necessary simply to lower the concentration of the oil, for example, twice or more. To do this you should add dropwise to 1-2 drops of NU Flame the same quantity (or more) almond or wheat germ oil. After a while, try again very carefully apply the mixture of oils to the mucous. Thus altering the ratio NU Flame and oil-base, you can choose the most suitable concentration for yourself in the future that fits your individual claims.

Reaction to NU Flame sometimes can be very interesting. Here is an excerpt from a letter: "A few minutes after applying the drops, I felt the burning and had to rinse them quickly. But then sex with partner was wonderful! And the most interesting thing was that I've felt a prolonged orgasm (which I have not ever). I used to get an orgasm, but it was short. This time an orgasm begun even during the prelude. And then, when my partner finished and began to caress my body, I continually felt an orgasm. I could not stop. And he just caressed my body, not touching my genitals. I've never had such feelings ! ! It was awesome. My partner just did not recognize me. I've never responded to his caress such brightly"...

#9 Will I feel the effect immediately?

It depends on the individual features. Some women with once application may not reach an orgasm. And may be except the sensation of heat and vibration they feel nothing special. Neither the first time nor the second. But this does not mean that the use of NU Flame must be stoped, and that it is ineffective. Your body just is not ready yet. Still insufficiently sensitive are nerve receptors, and there are still not too much of them. You need to continue to apply the NU Flame (at least 10 times!) There must be a cumulative effect. Nervous and circulatory systems responds to the stimulation not as fast as we would like. But without stimulation the reaction will not change for better at all. Our aim is by using the NU Flame oil to improve the nerve conduction, increase the quantity of capillaries and sensitive receptors in the mucosal of genitals. All of this takes time. You need to develop your sensuality, by yourself and in pair. Find the most optimal moment for oiling.

And another important moment is the so-called effect of over-expectations. If drip and wait ("Well, how it got there? how are my feelings?"), we can confidently say that you will feel nothing. Too much interest has the effect of inhibition in the central nervous system, which has a 50% success rate in achieving orgasm. We must instill and try to forget about it, remove the mind control, do not wait, just feel. Relax and let yourself immerse themselves in our feelings. And success will come to you for sure!

#10 I've tried NU Flame, but felt nothing. What I need to do?

You need to continue. Many women after a single application of NU Flame does not notice nothing special in their sexual feelings. It seems to be all as usual. These women are about 20% of all. And it is quite a normal reaction. Some women have an increased sensitivity to essential oils, some of them a decreased. But when these women continued to apply NU Flame, for a long enough time (at least 10 times), then after a while they became much more rapid in stimulation and have more bright and colorful orgasm. There has been an accumulation effect. Even women who's sensitivity and ability to orgasm is all right, after a few times of use NU Flame notice a pronounced shift in their reactions in a better way.

#11 Can I increase the sensuality with the usage of NU Flame?

Our product is specially designed for this. If you are the woman with low excitability, you find it difficult to relax, you have difficulties in achieving an orgasm, this product is for you. To solve your problems any sex therapist will advise you first examine your body, your reaction, to train the sensitivity of nerve endings and blood circulation in the genitals through masturbation techniques, using stimulants, for example such as NU Flame.

We recommend you the course to increase the sensitivity of the genitals. Apply 1-2 drops of oil on the clitoris once a day for 10 days, even if you do not plan an intimacy. Then use the product immediately before intercourse as you feel it necessary. After a few days you will feel that your feelings during intimacy become stronger and more vibrant!

#12 How long should be used NU Flame for the development of the sensuality?

It is very individual and depends on the reasons of the decreased sensuality. They may be psychological, physiological, age. Fastest are amenable to correction psychological reasons. It's enough to try 2-3 times "Soul Plane" effect to left restraint and embarrassment, to became relaxed, believe in yourself and start to feel. If weak sensibility is caused by insufficient development of pelvic blood flow and nerve conduction, it requires a lot of time and regular use of NU Flame, to grow more genital mucosal capillaries and sensitive receptors. But without such stimulation nothing would not develop. Drips, massaging your main erogenous zone, studying your reactions, try to experiment. Masturbation technique is very well fit for this case. any Any doctor-sexologist will advise you exactly the same things to develop your sensuality. For the development of sensibility we recommend to use NU Flame every day at least 10 times in a row, but better for 2-3 weeks. Someone might need a month. But that's worth it! The effect will come for sure. It's confirmed with practice.

#13 I feel just a clitoral orgasm, no vaginal. Can NU Flame help me?

Clitoral and vaginal orgasm are essentially the same. Orgasm is triggered with the excitation of ganglion, located in the area of the clitoris. Female clitoris is an analogue of the penis in its structure, only a very small in size. It is almost completely submerged in the folds of female genital tissues. Outward is visible only a small knob, covered with a skinfold (an analog of the glans of penis). The main part of the clitoris is inside the body near the wall of the vagina. This area is the so-called G-spot. You probably know that this is the place, associated with an orgasm. Excitation and tissue swelling in this area are transferred from the inside to the clitoris and its nerve center. But to make the G-spot "working" it is necessary that the woman was already in an excited state, and there was a rush of blood to the genitals. And for that the clitoris had already get some stimulation and would be in an erected state. That's what is NU Flame needed for. Influencing on the ganglion on both sides, outside (clitoris) and inside (G-spot), it quickly starts the process of excitation, which releases in an orgasm. Good stimulation of the clitoris area using NU Flame, you runs a reflex excitation of the vagina, which ends in a vaginal orgasm.

#14 You have an orgasm, but it is weak. Whether it can be enhanced by using NU Flame?

That is NU Flame is specially designed for. Plant complex N-Vi, its constituent, acts as a nerve stimulus, which improves the conductivity of the nerve signals to the central nervous system, and from there to the peripheral nerves, controlling blood vessels, secretory glands and our feelings. Furthermore, the intensity of our feelings dependent on the number of nerve receptors. If there are not much of them, the feeling is weak. The regular use of NU Flame due to constant irritation, stimulates the synthesis of new nerve receptors, which ultimately gives the increase in the intensity and brilliance of our sensations during orgasm, up to a very bright multiple orgasm, the dream of almost all women.

#15 I have no partner now but already bought the NU Flame. What should I do with it?

Temporary loneliness is not a reason not to use NU Flame. Use this period to develop your sensuality , explore yourself, your reactions, to find the most sensitive and responsive to the caress points of your body and "coach" them with the NU Flame. For your help in this process are: the masturbation technique for the development of the erogenous zones, NU Flame to enhance blood circulation and nerve conduction in this area and various training exercises for the "intimate" muscles. A month of work, and you are the queen of sex, sensual and confident, ready for a new meeting with a new man and a new unforgettable experience.

#16 Is it possible to store an opened capsule?

Yes, you can. Spout of the capsule is narrow enough to nothing leaked from it during storage. But keep in mind that it's still essential oil, and long-term storage in opened state they evaporate. Therefore we do not recommend you to keep an open capsule more than one month, as the efficacy of the product is reduced.


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