history of the creation of the company
history of the creation of the company

So it was with us.

Spring, Los Angeles, caressing California sun and rustling of the ocean, which seemed to be whispering about love. To the world. To us. And carefree couples, weightlessly steps on the warm sand of the beach. Among them were people of all ages. Beautiful. Bright. Dissimilar. They were united by only one thing: a mysterious shine of their happy eyes.

We want to solve the mystery.

Have you noticed that the best ideas are born unexpectedly? Flash. Burst. In a moment, that comes and changes everything.



Can we say that it is happiness?

Whenever asking the question about happiness, we have heard LOVE in the answers. It is this feeling, filling every cell of our body, removes unnecessary distress. It is love that makes happiness possible. Here and Now!

It's said that there is no absolute happiness. There is a feeling of happiness, which consists of the bits of joyful moments: the first declaration of love, first kiss, the first-born...

history of the creation of the company

Natural Unison

Creating a new company.

Watching the carelessness of Californians, we thought about how to keep the state of happiness. And we understood: the relations of modern couple are determined by two key factors: understanding of each other and bright sex life. Unity of bodies is born in the unity of souls. And vice versa.

We have created a company Natural Unison, because we know how important is such harmony. Each of our products brings a special touch to the sexual life of women and men. Products from the line NU give you an ability to take care of each other. This is the beginning of an important conversation about the sensual preferences of partners. This is your path to freedom and understanding.

But why the state of happiness steels away so soon? How can we keep it? How to keep the harmony and joy of intimacy with beloved for years to come?

We are glad that the first step on this way you have done with us!

NU team with respect!

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