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Effect of the NU Flame on phases and physiology of the female orgasm

In this article we take a closer look on the following:

#Orgasm in a woman's life, the functions and signs.
#The structure of the clitoris and other aspects of the female anatomy.
#How forms the female orgasm? Orgasmic phases.
#Key factors influencing the formation of orgasm.
#How to feel the full-blown orgasm and / or heighten the thrill of it?

Orgasm in a woman's life, functions and signs.

What do we know about it?

Just a few decades ago, to talk about sex and especially about women's sexuality and satisfaction was unacceptable. But sex is not just a way of obtaining pleasure. All organs and systems in our body are interrelated. The problem in one of them are certainly reflected on another. If the nature have given us a sex and pleasure associated with it, then it is necessary and important for the body as a whole. This fact can be proved from the contrary. If there is no high-quality sex and satisfaction from it, health problems will appear. Good sex is a guarantee of physical and mental health, harmony in the family, youth and happiness .

Sexual health and sexual satisfaction is very important in our lives . We all are different people, have different preferences, interests and sympathies. But we all agree that one of the most beautiful things in the life of a healthy adult is sex. However, here we encounter a small and still very important "but". If satisfaction of men is originally designed and programmed by nature, the female orgasm is not so common. Sadly, but almost half of the women (47%) has some problems with achieving an orgasm. And the second half is also not always possible to reach the complete satisfaction.

Women feels the  orgasm:

There are many reasons of it, among them are the following:

  1. The historically established opinions, implanted by education
  2. Ignorance of the own body, its erogenous zones, methods of their stimulation, own biorhythms
  3. Ignorance of "techniques" and "rules" of intimacy, inexperience
  4. Age and physiological features
  5. Neuro-psychological reasons

Women's dissatisfaction with their sexuality can become a big problem in their life. During intimacy we experience hormonal explosion, rapid changes in the circulatory and nervous systems , obtain a psychological relaxation. If a woman does not get a sexual satisfaction for a long time, it has a negative impact on both psychological and physical condition. She becomes stressed, sharp, unhappy or even aggressive. Easily can obtain the hysterical neurosis. Woman begins to avoid sexual contacts, became frigid. This can disrupt the harmony of family life and even lead to rupture. And you needn't tell much about gynecological diseases, developed on the basis of sexual dissatisfaction, because sex and reproductive health are directly related to each other.

If the woman is all right with the intimacy, she is always in a good mood, looks young and her emotional reactions are all right. Satisfaction from sex gives the positive effect on woman's menstrual cycle and immunity. Satisfied woman doesn't prone to depression, because sexual release leads to the production in the body "happiness hormone " serotonin. Woman who have a regularly orgasm is more protected from many serious diseases . For example, the risk of sickness rate of myocardial infarction, apoplexy, Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer and cervical cancer is reduced by 10-20 %. This is explained by that during orgasm releases the useful hormones: oxytocin and dehydroepiandrosterone. Many families are happy in marriage solely because of the quality sex that satisfies both partners.

Is a woman programmed for an orgasm?

Scientists estimated that during men's ejaculation, the interval between bursts is 0.8 seconds. Exactly the same interval is between contractions of vaginal and uterus muscles during women's orgasm. This synchrony confirms that the very nature of a woman is also programmed to orgasm and can experience it always.

But in fact it's not so simple. Many women are somehow believe that their sexual satisfaction depends entirely on the "professionalism" of man and his actions in bed. It is a profound mistake. Not everything depends on the partner. Woman must work on herself, explore herself and her body in order to get a full sexual experience.

Why an orgasm is necessary?

An orgasm is an explosion of feelings, the highest pleasure that we receive during intimacy. It is doubtful that nature created it just to deliver us pleasure.
Orgasm is a kind of "bait" to compel us to procreation. On one hand it's a peak of pleasurable feelings, on the other, sexual arousal and orgasm in the body triggers a cascade of physiological processes, aimed to increase the probability of successful conception. A man releases sperm and a woman's uterus and vagina changes the shape to keep the sperm. All this is accompanied by pleasant feelings that encourage the couple in the desire to breed.

Is an orgasm always blows?

We used to think that orgasm is a kind of magic explosion of sensations, feelings fireworks, forcing women to shudder in happy convulsions for a few minutes. In fact it is far not always like this. Some orgasms are really very strong, but more often they are cool enough. Sometimes an orgasm is accompanied only with a small vibration of the genitals. The feeling borders during orgasm are wide enough, and all of this is due to physiology. Feature of the female orgasm is that the intensity of the relaxation depends not only on the physiology, but much more goes from the mind. Without love, trust and mutual understanding woman almost not available to feel the full-blown orgasm.

It was revealed that women, unlike men, do not tend to have an orgasm during every intimace, because a female orgasm is dependent on many factors, not just from the arousal. Women are more complex than men. And even orgasm is different. Women orgasm can be vaginal and clitoral.
– Not every woman is able to experience vaginal orgasm. Only under the strong excitation and if she has sufficiently trained muscles of the vagina.
– Clitoral orgasm is more prevalent .It can be reached by every woman through clitoral stimulation as with a man, so is independently by masturbation.

The structure of the clitoris and other aspects of the female anatomy.

To understand how a woman body functions, let's recall briefly the anatomy of the female genital organs.
The clitoris consists of a glans, a body and two roots that are formed with cavernous bodies. Under the clitoris is the vestibule bulb. Below it, above an entrance to vagina is the urethra channel. Vagina is a muscular tube that ends with a cervix (entrance to the uterus).

The structure of the clitoris:

The following sensitive areas can be marked:

  • Small and large labia
  • Clitoris
  • Entrance to the vagina and the initial third of the vagina.

The rest 2/3 of vagina and cervix are insensible (as nature intended that woman can give birth).。
Thus, the outer part of the genitals is for fun, the inner part is for reproduction.

The structure of a woman's clitoris is on the analogy to the penis. Clitoris, the same as penis, has a sensitive glans, covered with foreskin. Penis also has the cavernous body and bulb. The center of formation of orgasmic feelings also has an analogy. Men has it as a sensitive nerve protuberance in the prostate gland around the urethra. Women also have a similar area, the so-called "G-spot".
In fact, the male and female reproductive organs consist of the same tissues and equally sensitive to stimulation, just have a different shape.

How the female orgasm forms? Orgasmic phases.

Let's compare the charts of male and female excitability.

Sexologists marks 4 phases of coitus:

  • Arousal
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Relaxation or reverse development

Women also have a phase of "emotional entry", which is not mentioned above. It is mood, desire for sexual intimacy. Without this preliminary stage nothing happens. That's why the foreplay, preparing to intimacy, is so important. You need to create an appropriate atmosphere, use candles, music , champagne, beautiful lingerie, perfume, sweet words, compliments, anything that helps to tune a lyrical mood, to relax, remove control of our consciousness over the body .

Chart of sexual arousal of men and women:

1. The phase of excitation

At this stage erogenous zones are stimulated with the help of petting, kissing, touching. Nerve receptors in these areas are stimulated and send impulses to the central nervous system, from which the commands are sent to vegetative nervous system, which controls reactions of our body. As a result, the blood flow to the genitals increases sharply:

  • Small and large labia increases and swells.
  • The clitoris increases in size and its glans becomes visible.
  • Vulva becomes wet because of lubricant, released with glands located at the entrance of the vagina.
  • The vagina inside also becomes wet due to the fluid from the venous plexus surrounding the vagina.
  • The vagina lengthens, the uterus straightens and is pulled up, internal 2/3 of the vagina begins to enlarge.
The phase of excitation

This is a very important step that determines will an orgasm come or not. Its duration is from 10 to 20 minutes. An attempt to save time at this stage is not appropriate, men often makes the following mistakes:
- Do not give enough time to partner, focusing on their own preferences and unwillingness to wait;
- Judge about the readiness of women to have sex on the amount of lubrication, released by the vagina, but it's not the peak of excitement.

What signs can determine that the woman is ready?

  1. Eyes are closed
  2. Vaginal lubrication is enough
  3. Mammary glands are swollen and nipples are hardened
  4. Clitoris is significantly increased in size

Even when woman is ready, it is desirable to extend the prelude for three or four minutes. It gives a greater chance of woman's orgasm. When a woman becomes difficult to endure, she will give a signal to enter with the penis. This stage is quite long, especially if the woman had not developed sensuality. In order to reduce the time and develop the sensitivity of the erogenous zones all kinds of stimulants are used. Oil NU Flame is one of them.

2 . "Plateau" phase

This is the time for movements of the penis (so called frictions) from the time of its entering into the vagina and almost to orgasm. Excitation remains at the same level for a certain time, which gave the name "plateau" to this phase. During this period, the pulse of the woman quickens, blood pressure rises and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The clitoris is tightened closer to the entrance of the vagina to enter in touch with the genitals.
In the plateau phase labia is increased twice due to blood flow. Vaginal muscles tense up and vagina became narrower. In the lower part of vagina, almost at the entrance, an "orgasmic cuff" begins to form due to the strong flow of blood to the tissues. This allows woman tightly embrace men's penis and increase the irritation of sensitive receptors.

The formation of the orgasmic cuff is a very important step. It is in this phase an orgasm arises. And women who do not experience orgasm, often reach only this stage. Why? Because of the powerful embrace, formed with an orgasmic cuff, men's pleasant feelings increases sharply, and they can not bear more. Ejaculation and orgasm occurs. Woman has the lack of just a few seconds, she remains in a phase of "plateau" and does not have time to reach an orgasm. That is why so important for men to endure at this point and concede the woman the right to be the first.


We all probably heard about the G-spot. It is considered to be responsible for the vaginal orgasm. This is the area of the vagina, where are the tissues, stimulating which a feeling of orgasm can be reached. To find this zone is quite simple. If you enter a finger into the vagina, on the front wall of it, at a depth of approximately 3-5 cm area can be found a place with a rough surface. Under strong pressure to this area appears a strange, even discomfort feeling and the urge to urinate. This is the G-spot. The unpleasant feelings rises due to the fact that just behind the wall of the vagina is the urethra, and you actually push it. Farther is the body of the clitoris and the ganglion, innervating the clitoris. Around the urethra in this area are also located very sensitive nerve endings, similar the men's protuberance in the prostate gland.
G-spot stimulation in the unexcited state gives only unpleasant or painful feelings as tissues at this time are not ready to interact. G-spot "works" only when woman is excited, the blood is rushed to the genitals and the clitoris erects.。

Now back to the orgasmic cuff, which is formed just in the G-spot area. Due to venous blood filling this area, the vagina is narrowing, its front wall (G-spot area) becomes firmly pressed to the penis. As all tissues swells, any friction and pressure are transmitted inside, to the clitoris and the ganglia. Besides, in the midst of "plateau" phase, clitoris retracts inside and locates very close to G-spot. All feelings in this area are summarized and release in the orgasm. Following this logic, we can conclude that clitoral and vaginal orgasm are almost the same things. Just clitoral stimulation occurs in these cases from different sides, inside and outside.

As you can see, the clitoris has a huge, crucial importance to female sexuality. It's the key to everything. With its stimulation begins sexual arousal (stimulation from outside), it ends with coitus. Without active influence on the clitoris it is impossible to achieve a qualitative excitation and it is impossible for a woman to feel an orgasm. Some frictions during intimacy are not enough.

3. Orgasmic phase

Orgasmic phase

During this phase occurs the rhythmic involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina and uterus, and there are feelings of strong shocks in the vagina and the clitoris. This is accompanied by a sense of extraordinary pleasure, ecstasy and convulsive movements. The intensity of orgasm for the same woman can vary widely from mild brief sensations to an ecstasy with the loss of consciousness. Quite often women can experience a series of orgasms when after the first release the process returns to the "plateau" phase and again release in an orgasm.

4 . "Reverse development" phase or "resolution".

Resolution phase

This phase brings relaxation. Muscle tension and blood circulation in genitals rapidly decreases. The whole process usually lasts 10-20 minutes.
But what happens if a woman is excited enough but has not experienced an orgasm? As a result of excitation of all the pelvic area and genitals are overfilled with blood, all stressful. Hyperemia in women body is much more than men, although in outward appearance it's not so noticeable. The venous blood itself can not disperse quickly because venous vessels have the shut-off valves. And only relaxation during orgasm releases these valves and muscle clamps. As there was no orgasm, the whole blood stasis persists for about an hour. Woman feels painful physical sensations: pain in the abdomen and lower back. On the mental level it is accompanied by nervous tension and the sense of dissatisfaction.

Congestion of blood in the pelvic area causes malnutrition and lack in the oxygen supply of cells of the genitals. Processes are activated that damage and destroy cells, they become weak and can not resist infection. So begins an inflammatory gynecological diseases that are so common among sexually frustrated women.

Key factors influencing the formation of orgasm :

  1. Psycho-emotional mood: fatigue, stress, depression, moral and ethical representation ( can / can not ), fear or guilt associated with sex, increased self-control.
  2. Anatomical features: the location of the vagina and the clitoris in the perineum (front , middle and rear).
  3. Menstrual cycle.
  4. Blood filling.
  5. Nerve conduction.
  6. Pose.
  7. Skillful actions of the partner : :
    • listens to the woman and her wishes (not fancies himself a professional in the field of sex, guided only by his own ideas about what is right; don't show the consumer attitude toward women).
    • Long excitation stage.
    • Stimulation of all erogenous zones, don't stop the clitoral stimulation and caress after an orgasm. Need to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just its glans. (Also stimulate its body and the area around the vagina, where are the roots of the clitoris).

How to feel a full-blown orgasm and / or heighten the thrill of it?

Female orgasm depends on a huge number of factors, but that is no reason to abandon it! Pleasure depends on our actions. Taking into account the above about the physiology of orgasm, you can draw the following conclusions :

  1. To get an orgasm, you need good arosal.
  2. To be excited, it is necessary to have a good blood circulation in the genitals and have a good transmission of nerve impulses between peripheral nerve receptors and CNS .
  3. The trigger for these processes is the excitation of the clitoris.

Stimulation of the clitoris and enhancement of the female orgasm using NU Flame.

WithNU Flamewe achieve stimulation the most important erogenous zone,the clitoris, which starts all the other processes associated with our sexual response and accelerates their flowing.

  • NU Flameincreases blood circulation in the area of the external genitalia, causes swelling of the tissues. Its regular use gives the growth of the capillary mesh, tissues became faster react to stimulation, sexual health improves.
  • It irritates and stimulates the nerve endings of female genitalia , increases their sensitivity and ability to transmit nerve impulses. Regular stimulation of this area leads to appearance of a new receptors. So, increases overall sensitivity of this area.
  • Stimulation of the clitoral zone accelerates all sexual response of the body. Increases the excitation force, reduces the phase of excitation and makes the orgasm more vivid.
Schedule of sexual arousal of men and women:

Application of NU Flame

1-2 drops NU Flame must be applied to the clitoris glans (not on the skin) 5-10 minutes before intimate contact. Action of the oil begins immediately after application and lasts for about 30 minutes. You will quickly feel a slight heat and pleasant vibration and excitation in the underbelly. If desired to prolong the effect of oil and enhance the sensation, it can be applied several times throughout the intimacy.。

The effect strength depends on the individual features. The first time you'll feel the warmth and slight vibration. As the usage of NuFlame, the sensitivity of receptors and their number will increase. Only through regular stimulation our nervous system may change. NU Flame can be applied as independently, so for both in pair.

Having read all of our instructions, you might think that sex with pleasure is so complex that it is better to leave things as they are. In fact, it's much easier! Release yourself, stop monitoring what is happening, let yourself feel the way you want now. Know your own body , develop its sensuality, it is very important! But do not forget to leave all of this knowledge out of your bedroom door when making love, and intuition doesn't fail.

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