NU Flame and You
NU Flame usage

There are two methods of usage NU Flame. We'll tell you about them below in detail. Also we ask you to pay attention on the features and cautions.
Answers to frequently asked questions about using NU Flame you can read on the FAQ page.

Method #1

NU FLAME for strengthening of arosal during the once intimacy

Apply 1-2 drops of NU Flame on the clitoris 3-5 minutes before the coitus. The effect of application the oil begins immediately and goes on about 30 minutes. You can reapply it 1-2 times (no more) during intimacy, if desired.

NU Flame usage. Method #1

Method #2

NU Flame for rising the clitoris sencitivity in general. 10 days course

You need more time for arousal? It's difficult for you to relax? You have a problems in reaching the orgasm? Then we recommend you this course for rising the sensitivity.

Apply 1 drop of NU Flame once a day in the course of 10 days, even if you don't plan the intimacy. Also you may use the product directly before the coitus, as you need. After a few days of application you'll feel how strong and bright become your sexual feelings!

NU Flame usage. Method #2
Features of use

There are a few moments, knowing of which can protect you from some unpleasant things, that you don't need during the intimacy.

  • Nu Flame extract is desired only for application to the clitoris;
  • Nu Flame is not a lubricant, additional moisuriser, and it's unreasonably to use it such a way;
  • If you use a lubricant, first apply the Nu Flame extract and wait for it takes an effect. Only after this, may be applied a lubricant. Otherwise, the oil dissolves in a lubricant and you don't detect an effect of our product;
  • Remember! Each of the bottles is desired only for you! Don't share it with your friends. Take care of their and yours hygiene!
  • Nu Flame has no reaction with latex. It can't damage a condom;
  • Probably it will not be a revelation that an extract of Nu Flame can not protect against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. To protect against infections and pregnancy, use a special, desired for this purpose remedies;
  • NU Flamecan healthen your feelings, but it is not a drug.

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